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I’m supposed to tell you why I’m a photographer by explaining that someone inspired me or that the first time I picked up a camera I was so deeply moved by the art I could create that I started shooting and never looked back.

Every photography biography I’ve ever read says these things. I’m not that photographer.

I’m the photographer that takes pictures because it‘s interesting, creative and fun. I’m intrigued by the variety of personalities that we possess as individuals. I enjoy trying to portray those personalities in a portrait. I can’t commit to one genre of photography because I want to do it all, capture everything. I’m completely self-taught, unless you count internet tutorials as a formal education. I like the challenge of taking my ideas, or those of my clients and developing them into a creative image, especially if it means that I can teach myself something new along the way.

I have three children that amaze me every day. Our only pet is a goldfish named Selfish that I purchased for a photography session. It appears that he will be outliving us all (*edit-he didn't). I don’t like the word unique. I love Earl Grey tea sweetened with simple syrup. I use ellipses (…) shamelessly in my writing. I’m married to my elementary school sweetheart. We love to irritate each other and he is not only my worst critic but also my best supporter. I judge books by their cover, but not people, and have been pleasantly surprised at times in both aspects. I’m a little bit quirky, which is just a nice way of saying weird, and I’m okay with that because it makes me good at what I do.

I love photography. It’s as simple, yet as difficult, as that.

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